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Those Extra Little Details In Mr. And Mrs. Luggage Tags

At Classy Bride, we have years of experience in anticipating and providing just the last minute details any bride and groom wants to have. This includes offering Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags and passport covers to ensure you have everything covered.

The honeymoon is a big part of setting the stage of your life together. Having Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags to go on each suitcase and carry-on is a wonderful way to let people know you are more than just vacationing, you are honeymooning.

The Name Thing with Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags

While very traditional and significant, there is still something important about being recognized as Mr. and Mrs. and not just boyfriend and girlfriend. We understand how important this is, and to celebrate we have created a line of Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags and passport covers to accomplish just that.

Our line of Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags includes different themed options, including some flip-flops as well as those which are more elegant in their presentation. You can choose from the fun and cute to the more sophisticated depending on your particular taste as well as your destination.

In addition, we offer simple Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags that are ideal to use over and over, regardless of where and when you may travel. These can be used on both carry-ons as well as checked luggage and include a fill in the blank address and identification card which makes these not just a fashion statement but also a very practical addition to your luggage.

Let us help you find just the right Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags for your honeymoon and travels. Give us a call at 213-622-1011 to order or to learn more.