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Calling all brides...we would love to feature you! We are looking for wedding photos of you and your bridal party wearing our robes, tank tops, hoodies, or any of our Classy Bride apparel items. Please submit as many as you would like for our consideration. We will be featuring selected photos of brides and/or her bridal party on our website and through our social media outlets. Join the 200,000 brides who follow us on Facebook and who knows you could be featured!

If one of your photos is featured, we will send you a
free pair of our Mrs. Darling Lace Hipsters!

Please submit your photos for consideration via e-mail to

Include the following:
1. Name(s) of Bride and/or Bridal Party in Photos
2. Instagram Account @xxxx
3. Wedding Date & Location
4. Your Telephone Number - this is for Classy Bride's use only...in case we have questions regarding the photos!

Photo Courtesy of David Acuna Photography
By submitting your photo(s) to Classy Bride, you grant Classy Bride a royalty-free license to publicly display, reproduce, and use the photographs in any form or media for any and all editorial and related promotional purposes in perpetuity. However, you will retain the copyright to your photo(s). By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you assert the photo is your original work, does not violate the copyright or any other personal or property right of any third party, and you have obtained any and all releases and permissions necessary for our intended use. You furthermore warrant that you are the parent or legal guardian or have obtained permission from the parent or legal guardian of any minors (Flower Girl, etc.) identifiable in the photograph.
PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS FROM YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Please note we will gladly give credit to your wedding photographer should your photograph be featured on our website,www.classybride.com, or on one of our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
What kind of photos to submit?
We would love pictures of you and your girls getting ready on the big day in our satin robes, hanging out at your bachelorette part in your trucker hats, dress fittings in your tank tops...the options are really endless. You can be jumping for joy or posing during your hair and makeup session. The photo can be of you by yourself in your bridal robe or with your entire bridal entourage. You can be posed or candid. Don't forget the MOB and MOG! Please feel free to submit as many photos as you would like...the more the merrier! Please do not submit blurry or low res photos. We love selfies and candid iPhone shots, BUT your chances of being featured on our website will be increased if you they are quality photos. All are welcome!
How do I know you received my photos?
We appreciate you taking the time to submit your photos and want to make sure we receive each and every one of them! We will confirm we received the photos by replying "received" to your e-mail. Should there be multiple e-mails, we will reply to each and every one. If you have not received acknowledgment from us, please feel free to send the photos again or call us at 213-622-1011. Please note if you have questions regarding submission, we will get back to as soon as we can. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a response.
When will I know if I am featured?
Once we confirm receipt of you photos, we will let you know if your photos have been chosen. These photos will be used on Instagram, Facebook, and our website throughout the year. If you provide your Instagram handle, we will tag you in the photos once posted. We will also let you know via email the day your photo(s) are posted.
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