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SHOP Classy Bride for your bridal garters. Our wedding garters come in bridal white, ivory, something blue, and even black satin. Made of the finest fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, and chiffon and embellished with Swarovski crystals or plain. Our something blue bridal garters serve a dual purpose and is a popular give for the bride to be. A blue bridal garter is said to represent fidelity, purity, love and good fortune, so this is why traditionally it was the color of choice. Looking for something sassy, our black satin garter is flirty and fun yet formal and classy. Whether you need a traditional white garter or plain ivory garter or something a bit more detailed, Classy Bride offers the finest bridal garters on the market.

White bride garters are classic and simply the most popular choice for brides to wear. Although white in nature, these bride garters are full of flavor and color. Classy Bride carries white garters made of satin, silk, lace, and are embellished with flowers, feathers, crystals, and even a horse shoe good luck charm. Because many brides want to keep their garter as a keepsake, many garters come as a set with a "toss garter" for the bride to give away at the wedding. The throwing of the bride garter has become a highlight to many attending the reception.
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Black Satin Keepsake Garter with Rhinestone Bow Ivory Lace Vintage Wedding Garter Blushing Bride Lace Vintage Garter
White Lace Vintage Garter Black Lace Vintage Wedding Garter Ivory Tulle Jeweled Bridal Garter
White Tulle Jeweled Wedding Garter Chic & Shabby Tulle Flower Garter Chic & Shabby Tulle Flower Garter - Blush
Burlap & Lace Garter White Lace Vintage Wide Garter Peacock Feather Bridal Garter
Jeweled Pink Lace Wedding Garter Jeweled Ivory Lace Wedding Garter Jeweled White Lace Wedding Garter
Jewelwed Black Lace Wedding Garter Chantilly Lace Custom Garter Set Jeweled Ivory Lace Wedding Garter Set with Toss Garter
Mary Green Breathless Garter with Ostrich Feathers Charisma Victorian Lace Garter Set Eleanor Lace Wedding Garter in Ivory
Garbo Garter Set Adriana Garter Set Eva Garter Set
Water Lily Garter Set Somerset Crystal Garter Set Isabella Garter Set
Feather Brooch Garter Set Something Blue Garter Set Black Lace Pearl Garter Set

Classy Bride: Wedding Garters For The Big Day

Classy Bride has become a one-stop shop for brides and bridal parties. We offer everything from bachelorette party tanks to wedding garters. Growing rapidly in popularity over the last 10 years, Classy Bride is currently in over 800 lingerie shops, bridal boutiques, and department stores.

Modern To Vintage Garters: Options For Any Look

Our wedding garter sets come in a variety of colors such as black, red, something blue, ivory, or white. For the bride seeking a more vintage garter look we offer lace and rhinestones set in a number of different designs.

A beautiful bridal garter set option is our scatter rhinestone garter, covered in rhinestones, brooches, and lace, this garter is sure to sparkle. It can be personalized with a coordinating ribbon or a little something blue.

For the brides that are missing one last thing, our something blue wedding garter set is the perfect addition. Covered with rhinestones, pearls, lace, chiffon flowers, feathers, and a bow this garter set will be the perfect keepsake. This bridal garter set also includes free personalization.

Fun And Provocative Tradition Meets Style

Most of our garters for weddings come as a garter set, with one being the traditional “toss garter” and the other being a wedding day keepsake for the bride. We also offer garters decorated with feathers, such as our peacock feather bridal garter sets and our Mary Green breathless garter with ostrich feathers. We truly have anything a bride could possibly be looking for.

Classy Bride specializes in making things perfect for our customer’s big day. We are proud to offer items that our customers will remember and cherish for years to come.